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About EMCS

Being located in a small town, EMCS began offering websites to local businesses for small town prices, however, these were not small town websites. Even as EMCS grew to accommodate international clients, EMCS has still kept our small town price concept intact. Whether you are looking for a website or you just need some advice about your Google AdWords campaign, EMCS can help you and for a fraction of the price of our competition. Don't get the wrong idea, EMCS may charge much less than everyone else, but we deliver a equivalent (if not better) product. Take a look for yourself.

Web Design

All websites created by EMCS are built around a content management system. This gives you control over the content on the website within your web browser without needing to rely on EMCS or another third party. This gives you the control of a 'do-it-yourself' website service without having to settle for a mediocre website with terrible search engine potential.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is crucial in today's online market. It's the capitalization of what search engines (like Google) look for in a website. Don't be fooled by our competition; they claim to guarantee you page 1 results on Google, but this isn't necessarily what you are looking for. If your business is "Bubba's Doughnuts" and your domain name is bubbasdoughnuts.com, you can bet that if someone does a search for 'bubbas doughnuts,' your business will be listed first without any SEO done to the site. This scenario sounds good, but all this has accomplished is ensure that someone who is already familiar with Bubba's Doughnuts can contact them. SEO's goal is to bring people that want doughnuts to your website and may have never heard of Bubba's Doughnuts. Maybe they are searching for 'awesome doughnuts' or 'local donut place.' You can immediately see how this is no longer a simple task. SEO requires a large amount of time and strategy, but can prove to be wildly successful over other types of internet marketing when done correctly.

Print Design

EMCS has experience designing several different print design projects. We have done everything from business cards to full color catalogs to packaging. This becomes very convenient when your website designer, website host, graphic designer, identity designer and consultant can also handle your print design tasks as well. Details in identity can be lost in translation when dealing with multiple businesses for design tasks.


Your identity is more than a logo. Logos are a very large part of identity, but if everything about your business' appearance has been predetermined, you can be identified even if your logo is missed. How many times have you recognized a television advertisement before the companies logo or name is revealed. Even if you don't advertise on television, this is spills over into any type of advertising or media.


Maybe you already have a website but you're stuck in a rut, or you have the resources to see a project to completion, but you aren't quite sure the best way to go. Even if EMCS isn't your website administrator, we can still help you. It can be anything from one simple question to advice about an SEO keyword strategy. Contact us for more information.

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