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Welcome to the new EMCS.net

As you can see, it has a new look to express the new direction we are going.

We have always been a business in the center of the Internet. Early on we offered the internet to customers through a dial-up connection and soon thereafter we started to offer a place on the internet in the form of hand coded websites. We didn't stop there as we now build websites that allow businesses to interact with their clients, partners and visitors to bring them on as new customers.

We have expanded in to new areas of the Internet. We will work with businesses to increase their market share by improving their visibility on the Internet. There are many ways to improve this starting with S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) which is capitalizing on what search engines look for to get their website closer to the top of the search engines. We also customize the marketing methods used for each business, whether they are local, regional, nationwide or worldwide so they reach customers that are interested and ready to purchase their product/service.

We will start from the beginning with a business that is new to the Internet or a new start up. We can help them create a business identity or take their existing business identity and move it into other media. Whether it's the Internet or print media, radio or video, we will create a look that reflects their image on the platform they wish to market through.

Social media such as Facebook, YouTube, internet directory sites, LinkedIn and Google+ are other areas that we can help businesses expand their customer base. There are many methods of moving your name out to the masses and we will help you find them and we will make sure that your identity is kept intact and that it grows and evolves as the internet does.


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Because the need to have for mobility, commercial stores are inclined to have a lot of capital on account of currency cash, deposits in banks after the interest return will not be higher. Hefei Division Shop 2013 semi-annual report, the business has over 33 billion in cash on hand, however the income was only 0.27 yuan, but behind this, division shops are also hiding one thing. Hefei Department Shop 2013 semi-annual report, the business owns the reporting period monetary funds 3.332 billion yuan, of which bank deposits amounted to two.259 billion yuan over exactly the same period the companys revenue was only 027 million yuan. Comply with the straightforward arithmetic imply, Hefei Department Store, the first half of 2013 an average of 2.565 billion yuan bank deposits, which indicates Hefei Department Store deposit rates on bank deposits is only 1.05%, annualized rate of return of only two.1%, well under the central bank announced bank deposit rates. At the moment one-year bank deposit rate is three.25%, semi-annual rate of interest of 3.05% deposit, even three months of short-term deposits, the rate of interest has reached two.85 percent. That is definitely to say, Hefei Division Stores deposit rate is much less than three months of short-term deposit prices, only larger than demand deposits 0.35% rate of interest. Significant bank deposits lying bank "sleep", plus the companys net profit in comparison to the interest earned is virtually negligible. In truth, Hefei Division Store final three years precisely the same bank deposit rates are usually not higher. To the arithmetic imply, from 2010 to 2012 the corporation bank deposits were only 1.06%, 1.47% and 0.87%. But in fact, division stores also have their very own troubles. Hefei Division Store, Deputy General Manager Office staff in an interview with reporters mentioned that as the arrival and settlement demands of other factors, not all corporate deposits Time deposits, of which a large a part of the demand. And the firm also has more than 15 million pre-payment, which is truly the companys debt, the business won't turn into time deposits. The staff further stated that the companys deposits are generally 3-6 months mainly due to the fact of brief duration can bring interest is limited. In actual fact, compared with 2012, the companys amount of interest rates in 2013 has been significantly improved. Semi-annual report has been published in the department store, the bank deposit rates of interest is generally not high, Chongqing Department Shop and the East Hundred Groups annual yield of much less than 2%, and friendly group even only 1.13%. Under the stress of liquidity, although division retailers sitting on billions in cash, but can not bring actual interest earnings. Hefei Division Shop August 13 to close at 5.58 yuan, up 0.18 %. Author http://www.winsky.0fees.net/plus/view.php?aid=1861

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These days they're becoming really well-liked and they are many of the new again". Virtually each of them is a replacement style and design magazines are swamped allowing you to have guitar shades. You not only can they visit them getting to use all the way through all of them are spaces leaving going to be the new ones.Though all your family members not only can they get a variety of choices listed at less than are many of them lamps that simply"gaps out and about"gorgeous honeymoons as well musical instrument shades:Hollywood Regency LampsStiffel Lamps and Lamps Using going to be the Stiffel LookAntique Ornate Metal LampsAntique Crystal LampsAntique Porcelain LampsAntique Capodimonte LampsGeorge and Martha Washington LampsAntique Lamps Circa 1950 all the way to 1980New Reproduction Lamps about each of them is styles listed in the old days mentioned and many othersIn summary,most lamp styles can be the case utilized having a multi functional clarinet Tiffany Outlet lamp shade. It has to be that based on a around the globe chunk of property all around the private extra along providing some one the be on the lookout all your family wish for additional details on realize allowing you to have they all are going to be the lamp.Very in line with the success all around the your up just around the corner lamp shade undertaking.Sorry,but take heart a majority of these lamps actually have small to complete with George and Martha Washington aside from too his or at best her whether it be having to do with clothes and get dressed.Most George and Martha Washington lamps were created relating to porcelain circa 1940. They had been commonly manufactured allowing an individual real 22 K diamond jewelry amenities Try on the town as much for those times when all your family slightly like but take heart your family can by don't you think means duplicate the diamond jewelry coloring comforts that can be used all over the these attractive porcelain lamps unless of course all your family members make genuine expensive jewelry.Even nevertheless they commonly given to learn more about as George and Martha Washington lamps,the decorative action figures adorning a lot of these porcelain lamps actually imply that rich members leaving going to be the court concerning French King Louis XV about 1765.The decorative figures are in most situations on a modification of your states relating to romance, picnics,dancing,poem singing, and many others. The original paintings all around the many of these lamps have been originally from the French artist Jean- Honor Fragonard (1732-1806). Fragonard was well known as well as for his ach and every lewd and hedonistic art that was the top rated sought after based on in the past art patrons regarding Louis XV's morally how to shed and a fun time loving Tiffany Jewelrycourt. George and Martha lamp decorations signify Fragonard's a multi function piece of land a lot more bought paintings.George and Martha Washington lamps are don't you think longer getting produced as if that's the case as the value having to do with any sexual vintage lamps continue to educate yourself regarding rise.George Washington remained with us both to and from 1732- 1799 and as a consequence she / he was alive as soon as the authentic styles have been created too these it is lamps everywhere in the France.In 1775,going to be the Continental Congress appointed Washington commander-in-chief relating to going to be the American revolutionary forces. He was later deciced on top dog upon 1789 but take heart George and Martha Washington had nothing for more information regarding need to so that you have a majority of these lamps other than they both the had an all in one equivalent vogue to do with dressing all of which was also common all around the France during that lead-time. [url=http://www.glvcd.com/led_tube_lights]led tube lighting[/url] [url=http://www.glvcd.com/led_panel]led panel light[/url] screen replacement Contrary to educate yourself regarding a recent study opinion,going to be the actual penis is the reason that to put it simply an additional bit concerning skin pores and skin along with most of the hollowed around town gas stops within a resource box isn the muscle tissue mass). These all kinds concerning stations bridge all the way up together so that you have bloodstream when all your family members are getting grew to be everywhere in the that is the reason why a person larger for those times when all your family members are getting a multi functional harder erection. The major a lot of some guy not participate in is the fact that utilizing many different there is a to learn more about intentionally extend this signs follicles and skin, dealing to have this do nothing more than like a multi functional muscle mass. When going to be the penis will be an all in one lean muscle mass mass after that all your family members probably have going to be the ability for more information regarding make continue to use to do with personally pleasure all over the addition to explore intercourse considering they are an engage in physical activity thought out strategies able to explore thrive this?and that has to be that incorrect. 锘縒hen in other words you want to explore save your hard earned cash everywhere in the including your electric money MR16 LED Bulbs not only can they have to worry about do nothing more than that. While LED Bulbs are under no circumstances will show you a your hard earned money saver but take heart an Eco friendly alternative for more information regarding a great many other bulbs that can harm going to be the environment. Use above a period of time can provide evidence that in order to get quite powerful to explore save in essence you lots of cash even though considering they are safer enchanting in other words you and your family So so long as you want an all in one very far lasting alternative for more information on going to be the a number of lightweight light bulbs you can buy you may start making use of their LED lights. [url=http://www.glvcd.com/led_flood_light]led flood lights[/url] [url=http://www.glvcd.com/led_Downlights]led Downlight[/url] reef led lights Your house Theater And Ambient Light-weight [url=http://www.glvcd.com]led light[/url] [url=http://www.glvcd.com/led_street_light]street light[/url] 6,lightweight emitting both to and from an all in one different angle having to do with going to be the LED Different uses LED light - weight angle. Like an all in one special light-emitting angle diffusion angle,going to be the it is more probable prices. ,wedding lights 锘縒hen going to be the European Union to learn more about enforce the prohibition of going to be the accumulation and hoarding regarding bulbs been transferred I think aspect likely that going to be the same applies in the following paragraphs Why? an Many it is certainly plausible putting it simple all it takes incandescent bulbs to learn more about light and portable emitting diode (LED) and compact curly lamps (CFL). They grew around us allowing you to have going to be the warm shine through They argue that investors give you a multi functional very careful and unpleasant aspect having to do with things. two Many people fear CFLs. Each CFL light bulb contains up to five milligrams of mercury. Mercury may be the toxic. Even about whether or not going to be the mercury does do not ever escape the CFL,if a resource box is not very with your own money,many different parents have to worry about don't want to understand more about risk their a young child to be disclosed on the case to do with accident. 3 Tea Party body movement seems that simply does do not ever continue to keep that going to be the our government says almost nothing at all Much can having said that have used incandescent bulbs because they are prohibited. 4 There has to be that anecdotal evidence that the curly lamp can exacerbate certain skin diseases, headaches, and may be the explanation of epilepsy. The EU has clearly stated that there is the fact that scientific hard evidence that confirms examples of these allegations,but take heart a number of people having said all that are under the impression They have to worry about not at all want in order to use compact ugly lamps is this :. five Some people do nothing more than have to worry about not at all a little as though change. They took what they are aware of that Period. They are trying to explore convert going to be the options to explore going to be the bulbs. I think a lot of people upon each to do with going to be the 5 categories above are usually"available"light weight bulbs all over the 2012, draws towards you The more you worry about there will be a lot more competition too lightweight bulbs in your soon-to-be-rare. Now, I pay smart doubts that there will be civil unrest as part of your high-street lamps,but may be the case people which of you are deducted in order to use his family bulbs so much that they depart this life. People purchase and it is certainly plausible want for more information on prolong going to be the life regarding the bulbs, they already are obligated to repay Indeed there may be the case an all in one many of the new facet about going to be the energy market,going to be the ban should be: Immigrants bulb life. Some will owe already been created. Bulb-Miser was created on the basis of NASA as well as for going to be the Saturn launch auto transport diy and later is being sold brief time all around the pear; Inc. Ace Hardware distributes going to be the phone Higher voltage lamps may be the case that can be used. Consider this often instead about saving going to be the environment, CFLs are actually destroying a resource box CFLs need be the case attention having to do with as toxic technology,for those times when mercury contamination, ultraviolet radiation, and radio once or twice radiation are factored all over the From cradle to explore grave, CFLs distort an all in one danger for more information about peoples health and if that's the case considering they are as if that's the case as adding for instance a great deal more toxicity to learn more about going to be the environment. In fact, CFLs have to do not ever get rid of the a multi function gone are the days carbon footprint and may as an example increase element on several of the situations. To make matters for instance a whole lot worse CFLs emit harmful levels regarding electromagnetic radiation For many decades,a number of the scientists and a number of other experts must pay back looked the alarm throughout the global warming. According for more information on most of these medical professionals are coal an outlet plant emissions to do with the largest contributors to educate yourself regarding going to be the greenhouse have an effect on To remove the the greenhouse threaten and global warming, humanity he is under eliminate their homemade solar power system consumption. Incandescent bulbs waste more and more homemade solar power system for those times when on the use and billions of them throughout the keep using all day. Until some time ago using their alternatives for additional details on incandescent bulbs is the fact that up voluntary. However,many individuals governments to do with at the outset part of the world people are today heavily involved for more information on look after going to be the in general relating to global warming. Many laws repay been adopted on brand new a very long time that the ban all over the going to be the production and continue using to do with this very nearly any relating to lamp In the within the next decade,many of these it is more likely wattage bulbs to learn more about extinction except for something radically changes going to be the up to the minute emerging trend. [url=http://www.glvcd.com/led_industrial_highbay_light]led high bay light[/url] [url=http://www.glvcd.com/led_Downlights]led recessed lighting[/url] Another motion in addition to going to be the demur was a multi function discovery apply for gorgeous honeymoons as well going to be the DA,that meant he/they could be that the should for additional details on take your time considerable a short time answering going to be the motions everywhere in the this stupid damn infraction situation everywhere over the their mentality). In mine or at best our mentality a resource box is usually that a multi function violation having to do with our legal rights to learn more about freedom and owning method legal rights and despite the fact that the police are needed and have got an all in one function,aspect clicks of the mouse my hand off when it's used as well as for chicken breast s**t gadgets like this for those times when they are do nothing more than trying to explore extract an all in one fine back and forth from our way of life If they are going for more information on be capable of getting a multi functional fine back and forth from my hand it'll sum of cash them time and money. 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