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Welcome to the new EMCS.net

As you can see, it has a new look to express the new direction we are going.

We have always been a business in the center of the Internet. Early on we offered the internet to customers through a dial-up connection and soon thereafter we started to offer a place on the internet in the form of hand coded websites. We didn't stop there as we now build websites that allow businesses to interact with their clients, partners and visitors to bring them on as new customers.

We have expanded in to new areas of the Internet. We will work with businesses to increase their market share by improving their visibility on the Internet. There are many ways to improve this starting with S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) which is capitalizing on what search engines look for to get their website closer to the top of the search engines. We also customize the marketing methods used for each business, whether they are local, regional, nationwide or worldwide so they reach customers that are interested and ready to purchase their product/service.

We will start from the beginning with a business that is new to the Internet or a new start up. We can help them create a business identity or take their existing business identity and move it into other media. Whether it's the Internet or print media, radio or video, we will create a look that reflects their image on the platform they wish to market through.

Social media such as Facebook, YouTube, internet directory sites, LinkedIn and Google+ are other areas that we can help businesses expand their customer base. There are many methods of moving your name out to the masses and we will help you find them and we will make sure that your identity is kept intact and that it grows and evolves as the internet does.


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