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Where is the Internet headed?

"Doing business on the Internet since 1994" is actually our current tagline and it is true. We started offering the Internet to our clients in late 1994 as a Dial up Service Provider and shortly after that we started serving websites. Back then the internet was the Wild West and you could do anything to improve your websites search rankings. The search engines just cataloged your website for every word that was in the code.

I had a website designer that wanted to increase their traffic so they placed white text on a white background at the bottom of each page with every word they could think of that related to website searches. The words had nothing to do with their products, they were just looking for the traffic. The more traffic they could show coming to their website, the higher they could price their design efforts. Remember I mentioned the comparison to the Wild West, well this designer would be one of the guys wearing a Black Hat. Not long after this practice came to my attention we parted ways with this designer. They actually joined forces with another design group he became their Website Traffic Expert. I am sure that later on he became an SEO specialist of some sort.

Well, Search engines came and went and they got smarter. They no longer cataloged every single word and they looked for things like matching foreground and background colors, they started to add more weight to websites that had incoming links from other websites. Now it didn't matter what type of website was linking to your website, it just added value. So the "Black Hats" started to create massive amounts of links to their clients websites. Pool Supply websites had links from businesses that had no relationship whatsoever to the pool supply business. They could be pet food suppliers, Winter clothing retailers, porn sites and for every link came additional weight to their sites.

Time goes on and the Black Hats keep coming up with new methods for moving traffic to their clients websites. Here is a list of a few of them, you can "Bing" them for more information. Duplicate Sites, Doorway Pages, Redirects, Keyword Stuffing, Cloaking and the list goes on and they find new ones as the search engines find the holes.

Search Engines are battling the Black Hat tactics but are they going to the dark side too? Now I believe in free enterprise and entrepreneurial endeavors but there is a point when it can turn wrong. I speak about building a brand on impartial placement of listings and then do a 180 and make it "Pay to Play" to list products in their Shopping Search Engine. The small business has no place in their new products area. The "Cost Per Click" which they say averages to $0.40 per click is not a terrible cost until you figure out the number of clicks it takes to sell a product. If your product has a sale price of $4.00 and costs $1.00 to acquire and the percentage on click s is 20%, which is 5 clicks to sell a product then your $3.00 profit just turned to $1.00. You will get other sales on the same click, maybe, or maybe not. According to Internet experts in the CPC industry Google Shopping is in the 2-3% category on conversion rates for Clicks. Lets go to the high side and say 3 % and use their $0.40 average bid cost, so 33 1/3 clicks per conversion at $0.40 is $13.34 per sale. On a $4.00 item that leads to a sale of 4-$4.00 items in the cart, you lose $1.34 on the sale after accounting for the acquisition cost.

When Microsoft took up the SCROOGLED chant were they thinking that it was for Scrooge or Screwed? It works both ways, though I find it ironic that Microsoft, the dominant force in controlling the PC Operating System Market for so many years, would choose this method to fight for market share, who remembers Amiga or IBM OS/2? I see the Search Engine turning into the Operating System of the future. I can only hope that we have learned from the past and we will keep our options available and not allow one company to take total control.

Keep all of the Search Engine URL's in your shortcuts and use them on a regular basis and if they are all fighting for the market share they will improve their offerings instead of putting on their Scrooge hat and giving us the Screw!


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This is actually true because some of the scammers are using the term called “free trial” to gather potential customers and clients to “automatically” buy their product. The said technique is done when you agreed to try the trial and pay for the shipment process for about $5 or less. In this case, an eager buyer would be excited and definitely order without a second thought but behind this opportunity of saving is an automatic shipment. Auto-shipment is a technique wherein they will automatically deduct the full payment of the product from your credit card if you do not return or cancel the said trial. Added Ingredients and Low Quality Products Aside from the free trial, there is also a scam wherein the products are added with other ingredients with some side effects. In other words, they are doing this to add some additional benefits on their product like for example “increase energy level and stay awake during the day.” There are no visible problems in this benefit but how would the manufacturer elicit this thing? In other cases, they will put additional caffeine to each product; thus, making the takers fully awake in the night. Caffeine in large amounts will provide side effects in our body like palpitations or difficulty sleeping during the night. In order to prevent this, you need to read the package carefully and compare them to the other one. Choose the high quality ones. Direct Sellers without a Website When you do a research about Acai Berry in the web, there are many results that will appear. Some of them are with this portion “click here to buy.” In this case, you need to go and buy for the legal website of the Acai Berry Select and not in the direct sellers. You may know the legal website of the Acai Berry Select from their website address url name. As much as possible opt for these websites in order to ensure your safety. Free trials, low quality products and direct sellers of the Acai Berry Select are just examples of the scams that really existed in the world of selling and in the web. Identifying and preventing them should be your priorities when you are engaging in online shopping. You need to assess every portion of the Acai Berry pack and know them by heart. Acai Berry Select Side Effects- How Serious? Admin July 25, 2013 0 In our today’s market, new inventions about weight loss products are making their way to reach the needs of the people to become fabulous, fit, and to attain a healthy living. Because of these demands, the Acai Berry Select was processed, formulated and designed to more accessible way of consuming. It is now available in a capsule type which can be used as a daily supplement for people who are attending regular fitness programs and exercises. The Acai Berry Select was originated from Acai Berry, a native fruit that grows in the Amazon River Basin located in Brazil. It contains Vitamins B, fiber, protein, omega acids that are all beneficial to man’s body. The Quick Background of the Ingredients Used In order for us to understand the side effects, we need to know and learn first the ingredients used by the manufacturers in making the product as a whole. The Acai Berry Select Formula included the following: Chromium, Caffeine, Acai Berry Extract and L-Theanine. The added ingredients are good for weight loss and fighting free radicals but they have side effects that can be experienced by the users. The Side Effects Along With the Ingredients Headaches, high blood pressure, nervousness. These are the side effects that can be felt because of the caffeine and Green Tea Extract ingredients. It is advised that if you have palpitations and history of heart conditions, you need to consult the physician before taking it as a supplement. Counteract in other medications. One of the best examples is the anti-diabetic pills that lower the blood sugar. Chromium, as an active ingredient of the Acai Berry Select, is known to counteract your daily medication effects in the body. Another thing is the metabolic rate of the takers. Chromium actually affects either to increase or lower its rate. It is recommended that you should consult your physician if you are a present diabetic because Acai Berry Select should not be mixed with other drugs. Allergies. When new supplement is introduced, our body is adjusting to it. Acai Berry Select is a combination of a fruit from the berry families so if you are having some allergies in any kind of berry; you must consult a physician before ingesting it. Allergic reactions will not only make you scratch due to skin itchiness but it also targets your breathing pattern. People who are highly sensitive should be cautious enough about the drugs that they are taking. Overall, the Acai Berry Select is a diet pill that aids your weight loss exercises and makes you strong and alert everyday but side effects are accompanied with these wonderful benefits. So before ingesting, you need to seek for physician’s advice and recommendations. Proper knowledge about the causes, effects, and benefits should be the major priorities you have when trying to look for a supplement that would help you in achieving your goals- healthy living, fit and model-like body, boosted immune system, decreasing the effects of aging process and feeling good and fresh every day. Acai Berry Health Benefits Admin July 15, 2013 0 Do you know about anything about super foods? Do you want to achieve a well-fit body while staying young and fresh? Are you having some problems on searching about effective diet supplements? If you will answer a resounding “yes”, then this guide could help you towards achieving your two major goals- to stay young and loss your unbearable weight through our product called Acai Berry Select, a grape-size purple berry that originated from Brazilian forest many years ago. According to the studies and research, it is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that every human being needs. Serves as Antioxidants Acai berry contains two substances called flavonoids and anthocyanins that are known as effective antioxidants. The word Anthocyanin is a Greek word that means “plant and blue.” Anthocyanins are really responsible for the purple, red, and blue hues in most of the the plants, flowers, and vegetables making them nutritious and healthy. Berries are great sources of anthocyanins as they are in deep purple to black color. Flavonoids like anthocyanins are also considered as antioxidants. They are defending the body from stressors; thus, making your body as young and fresh. They also prevent the actions of free radicals, chemicals that are harmful to our health. Acai Berry when combined to your daily diet will definitely be resulted to fabulous, fit, and healthy body. Blood Pressure Reduction Acai Berry is a great source of potassium (K). This is responsible for reducing blood pressure and improving the body’s flow of blood. Aids in Digestion As a source of fiber, Acai Berries can prevent and relieve constipation while maintaining the normal digestive process. Complete Sources of Minerals, Vitamins, and Essential Element Aside from being an antioxidant, the Acai Berry Select is also known because of its great sources of the following: lipids, omega 3,6,9, essential minerals like iron, calcium and phosphorus, potassium, vitamins like B1, B2, B3, C and E and protein. A Supplement for Weight Loss Programs This amazing fruit and product is known for its great contribution to individuals who are attending fitness programs. The fiber in Acai Berry prevents the hunger signals before reaching the brain; thus, giving you an impression of being full even if you do not ingest food. Maintains Strong Teeth and Bones Calcium is one of the minerals responsible for making our teeth strong and healthy. Acai Berry is known to have this component. Increases Stamina and Energy Acai Berries are known to increase the metabolic processes of the individuals and boosting their strengths and energy during the day. They also burn stored fats and calories; thus, reduction of weight is the highly visible. Truly, Acai Berry is not just an ordinary fruit but a super food which contain almost all the nutrients and minerals that every man needs in daily diet. In our market today, there are products introduced with Acai Berry as the major component. These products are available in capsule. The dried Acai Berry is pulverized into powders and packed in capsules for ease and comfort of the users. Acai Berry Select Weight Loss – A Product Review Admin July 11, 2013 0 Everyone wants to achieve a fit, fabulous, and healthy body and at the same time preserving their youthful looks through one product in the market called the Acai Berry Select Weight Loss Formula. Aside from its capability to decrease weight through fat oxidation and increasing metabolism, Acai berry also possessing detoxifying properties that are known not only in America as its native country but into the other countries nationwide. It contains various substances called anthocyanins and flavonoids which are strong antioxidants that combat diseases by defending the immune system from stressors; thus, providing you a healthy and joyous life. Click Here to Order Acai Berry Select There are various products offering and promising a weight loss formula in the market but in this review, you would know how Acai Berry is worth buying for: Product Features and Specifications A product for weight management Increasing your metabolism A helper for fat oxidation Prevents and fight fatigue An-anti oxidant product Increasing your energy levels daily In an easy-to-take capsule form With three bonuses exclusively for Acai Berry Weight Loss members - First bonus: To be a part of the weight management club - Second bonus: A free e-book with weight loss tips - Third bonus: A free cd with soothing sounds ( clinically proven to inspire you in losing weight) Any purchase is guaranteed and can be returned upon agreeing to terms and regulations There are offered different types of packages to be opted for: - Best value is $119.95 with 6 month supply of Acai Berry Capsules plus (3) month capsule supply (six bottles in all) - $79.95 for 3 month capsule supply ( 2 bottles plus 1 free) - $39.95 for 1 month capsule supply (single package) Payments are done through online (PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA Electron, Maestro, JCB) All shipments are guaranteed and secured The Reviews At present, our product Acai Berry doesn’t have too much reviews from online customers yet but if you will go and search for this product in popular search engines, you may see various articles which are promoting and encouraging the visitors to try the product. Some of them are selling the product for their benefit and not actually tried in the first place. In order for us to know the real reviews from fakes, we visited some reliable shopping sites, forums, and social networking to look for feedbacks and recommendations of the past buyers. Buyers Feedbacks After visiting one shopping site, we have read some comments from a woman who is wishing for a 30 day weight loss management and found out the Acai Berry as the miraculous capsule to try. She was amazed with the sudden change of her skin while wearing her bikini. Relief from fatigue, increase energy and metabolism are the concerns who have answered by Acai Berry according to the other woman’s interview. At present, she is now taking the capsule daily and feeling great every day. Coaches Recommendations Aside from exercising regularly, coaches from different training and fitness programs also recommended dietary supplements like Acai Berry Select for weight management. According to one coach, he always encouraged the trainers to try these products not only for weight purposes but also in increasing energy levels and detoxifying the harmful actions of radicals; thus, resulted to best, healthy body shapes. Doctors and Health Side Acai Berry is formulated initially with many benefits in health like anti-oxidant properties (Anthocyanins and flavonoids) by the manufacturers; thus, giving the users additional advantages aside from its weight loss side. As a response to this product, doctors said that the product contains all the nutrients that you can get form fruit and vegetable servings plus essential omega cides, a component in energy increasing and overall health. They also targeted the immune systems as one of the many aspects that this Acai Berry is protecting. Acai Berry in Media Our product is also known in United States Media and earned many recommendations and compliments through their published articles. According to CNN, the Acai berry is a good source of anti-oxidants just like anthocyanins, a component of red wine. It also fights diseases by phytonutrients. To support the above recommendations, the USA Today claimed that the Acai Berry Select is another Amazonian super food that is nutritious and an aid for losing weight. How to Get One? If you are willing enough to try and experience the Acai Berry Select, you may start your order my signing up our form that includes your name, address, city, country, and email address located in the right left portion of our webpage. Your next step would be to know and select your package type and supply with indicated prices. We are offering you bonuses and guarantees with each product purchased. Terms and conditions are also discussed like manner of the shipment like for example, you need to wait for the product around 5-10 business days if you are residing in the continent of The United States while 1-2 weeks waiting period for international orders. You can opt for your desired method of payments like credit cards or PayPal as the most common one. Overall, Acai Berry is one of the most recommended weight products widely known not only in the United States of America but in the whole world where annoying fats, complaints of fatigue, and low daily energy are the core concerns of the individuals. In opting for weight management products just like herbals, you need to consult first your physician and ask for any recommendations before taking anything. Knowing the product manufacturer, content, and side effects is the next step you must know in order for you to get the maximum effect or results. Most importantly, Acai Berry is not a miraculous pill for you to depend for too much but just an aid for your weight management goals. Healthy lifestyle, ingesting foods with balanced nutrients, daily and recommended exercises plus supplements are the secrets of slim and fit body; thus, providing you the best shapes of your life. http://acaiberryselectproductreview.com

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