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Where is the Internet headed?

"Doing business on the Internet since 1994" is actually our current tagline and it is true. We started offering the Internet to our clients in late 1994 as a Dial up Service Provider and shortly after that we started serving websites. Back then the internet was the Wild West and you could do anything to improve your websites search rankings. The search engines just cataloged your website for every word that was in the code.

I had a website designer that wanted to increase their traffic so they placed white text on a white background at the bottom of each page with every word they could think of that related to website searches. The words had nothing to do with their products, they were just looking for the traffic. The more traffic they could show coming to their website, the higher they could price their design efforts. Remember I mentioned the comparison to the Wild West, well this designer would be one of the guys wearing a Black Hat. Not long after this practice came to my attention we parted ways with this designer. They actually joined forces with another design group he became their Website Traffic Expert. I am sure that later on he became an SEO specialist of some sort.

Well, Search engines came and went and they got smarter. They no longer cataloged every single word and they looked for things like matching foreground and background colors, they started to add more weight to websites that had incoming links from other websites. Now it didn't matter what type of website was linking to your website, it just added value. So the "Black Hats" started to create massive amounts of links to their clients websites. Pool Supply websites had links from businesses that had no relationship whatsoever to the pool supply business. They could be pet food suppliers, Winter clothing retailers, porn sites and for every link came additional weight to their sites.

Time goes on and the Black Hats keep coming up with new methods for moving traffic to their clients websites. Here is a list of a few of them, you can "Bing" them for more information. Duplicate Sites, Doorway Pages, Redirects, Keyword Stuffing, Cloaking and the list goes on and they find new ones as the search engines find the holes.

Search Engines are battling the Black Hat tactics but are they going to the dark side too? Now I believe in free enterprise and entrepreneurial endeavors but there is a point when it can turn wrong. I speak about building a brand on impartial placement of listings and then do a 180 and make it "Pay to Play" to list products in their Shopping Search Engine. The small business has no place in their new products area. The "Cost Per Click" which they say averages to $0.40 per click is not a terrible cost until you figure out the number of clicks it takes to sell a product. If your product has a sale price of $4.00 and costs $1.00 to acquire and the percentage on click s is 20%, which is 5 clicks to sell a product then your $3.00 profit just turned to $1.00. You will get other sales on the same click, maybe, or maybe not. According to Internet experts in the CPC industry Google Shopping is in the 2-3% category on conversion rates for Clicks. Lets go to the high side and say 3 % and use their $0.40 average bid cost, so 33 1/3 clicks per conversion at $0.40 is $13.34 per sale. On a $4.00 item that leads to a sale of 4-$4.00 items in the cart, you lose $1.34 on the sale after accounting for the acquisition cost.

When Microsoft took up the SCROOGLED chant were they thinking that it was for Scrooge or Screwed? It works both ways, though I find it ironic that Microsoft, the dominant force in controlling the PC Operating System Market for so many years, would choose this method to fight for market share, who remembers Amiga or IBM OS/2? I see the Search Engine turning into the Operating System of the future. I can only hope that we have learned from the past and we will keep our options available and not allow one company to take total control.

Keep all of the Search Engine URL's in your shortcuts and use them on a regular basis and if they are all fighting for the market share they will improve their offerings instead of putting on their Scrooge hat and giving us the Screw!


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Gave the Chinese many people are proud of sports apparel brand "Li Ning" These days is caught within the ongoing problems. Li Ning 2011 monetary outcomes, the companys gross margin declined by eight percentage points to 46.1%, when gross margin continued to hold the best five sporting goods small business inside the 1st, but net profit was only 386 million yuan, significantly less than five Olympic sports brand penultimate net profit 780 million per half. The past two years, the business stock price tag fell from $ 30 as much as about five.1 million presently. Li Ning is definitely the Chinese sporting goods provider includes a well-deserved massive brother famous by former Chinese gymnast Li Ning in the late 1980s by the founder. June 2004 right after the listing in Hong Kong, China would be to sustain sustained high growth price till 2010. Li Ning brand awareness among consumers after the "glory for the countrys athletes" image closely linked, specifically during the Beijing Olympics in 2008, when Li Ning lit the Beijing Olympic torch when the master, along with Li Nings goods start out promoting. But did not final extended, as a variety of loyal consumers develop old, "Li Ning" word for brand building assistance has been watered down. The previous two years, "Li Ning" is troubled: overstock, falling profits, executives leave, soon after several years of smooth growth, "Li Ning" seems to become a wait to save the patient. Li Ning Business to bear the brunt on the business down "any 1 enterprise, is inseparable from the atmosphere, the so-called hero." Essential way Sports Consulting Co., Ltd. CEO Zhang on "Investor News" stated. And Li Ning is riding on the existing circumstance from the past 1,000,000,000 yuan fast rushed to 9,000,000,000 yuan turnover levels. But, the transition will be to appear right here. In the past 5 years, the domestic sports brand stores typical development price of about 10%, whereas sales growth rate of about 20%. Starting in 2011, the domestic sporting goods industrys development has slowed. Domestic market place sports brand in 2011 annual report shows that by higher inventory, rising charges as well as other factors, market slowdown. This one particular, in particular, excess inventory as well as other matters has turn out to be the bottleneck of the improvement of many different enterprises. "Last year is extremely hard, quite possibly for the reason that this year is Olympic year will probably be just a little greater." A sporting goods dealer on the "Investor News" reporter mentioned. Based on Li Nings 2011 overall performance report, Li Ning 2011 sales fell 5.8% to eight.929 billion yuan, although net profit dropped 65.16 percent would be to attain 386 million yuan. The sharp decline in overall performance, Li Ning mentioned in the earnings report, primarily because of the impact of soaring inventories, data showed final year, Li Ning Company inventories amounted to 1.133 billion yuan, 806 million yuan a year earlier, an increase of 40.57%. Although Li Ning also elevated the intensity of the dealers wholesale discounts, took stock repurchase measures, and actively expand the factory retailers, discount stores and strengthening the construction of sales network platform, but Li Ning, the companys stock continues to be over a single billion, clear inventory measures the effect is just not obvious. At the exact same time, due to the fact the intensity is too substantial discounts, some dealers also triggered resentment. "Last year I saw a large amount of smaller dealers removed Li Ning Li Ning badminton gear because the fast-moving consumer goods to sell, one-of-season discounts on clearance, usually substantially reduce than the futures cost of clearance, so there booked Futures dealers obtain nor isn't into is not, but I heard that Li Ning starting of this year to appropriate this error, as to what effect, however time-tested. "the dealer" Investor News "reporter stated. Of course, Li Ning, a higher inventory is just not. Anta, 361 degrees, Olympic as well as other sporting goods businesses have suffered totally different degrees of development decline, higher inventory. Announcements 361 degrees, 361 degrees as much as 4.512 billion yuan in 2011 inventory, the 2.482 billion yuan more than in 2010 up 81.8%. Anta previously published report also shows that, as of December 31, 2011, Anta inventory amounted to 618 million yuan, 454 million yuan together with the earlier year compared to precisely the same period, an increase of 36.1%. This year in March, Peak CEO Xu Zhihua also mentioned retail terminal inventory of about a month, distributors inventory of five months to six months, general about six months. Within the July 5 held a press conference, Li Ning also mentioned the subsequent six to 12 months primarily to resolve the inventory difficulty. Rebranding "Li Ning" disoriented once glory of Li Ning why troubled? 2008, Li Ning within the nest more than a style show, and its corporate benefits for the year is outstanding. But extremes meet, in 2009 then show weakness, they identify themselves inside the gradual aging of your user layer, whilst the consumption from the most important sports brand for young folks. So in 2010 Li Ning decisively implemented a method for typical as a symbol of transformation, carried out for normal, for slogans to raise rates, change channels, policies and other activities. June 30, 2010, Li Ning in Beijing issued a brand new LOGO, called "Li Ning cross-action" graphics grow to be the Li Ning brand new logo plus the new brand slogan "Make The Change" replaced the slogan "everything possible. " In the exact same time, Li Ning provider launched a set of "90 Li Ning" advertisements, but this ad Rexia problems for himself. http://www.electroriente.com/index.php?option=com_blog&view=comments&pid=561620&itemid=0 http://www.booktoy.net/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1937045&pid=2261466&page=1&extra=page=1#pid2261466

Wall-mounted electrical hearth,If you're looking to get the flare wall-mounted power fireside then you need select one out of the available options by yourself. If you want to take into consideration credibility as well as practical potential you would would like to choose of a traditional fire electrical fireplace. They look therefore realistic from time to time, that individuals never have a propensity to recognize that what they're gazing in, fundamentally it's not a real flames but any holographic variation. Your wall-mounted electrical hearth is only an add-on or alternate in your by now current heating systems. Now this reality on it's own concerned several be employed in the idea, as you have to accomplish some measurements and you've got to discover the very best product that will fill your entire desires. These come in each and every feasible design and fashions, beginning from curio cabinet by amusement centre, via television figure to hidden compartments, coming from publication racks to be able to electric attachements. Your hearth would be as awesome because regular water if you contact wall-mounted electric hearth, so there's merely no chance regarding burning up oneself or another kind of harm that you'd typically get from your actual wooden as well as petrol units. Wall-mounted electric fire place offers you the particular feeling of stability that you can be free to feel that can you have any type of melt away injury from the fireplace product. how to make wood burning fireplaces

Wall-mounted power fireplace,If you are looking to buy the flare wall-mounted electrical hearth then you need pick one out of your available choices on your own. If you wish to think about reliability as well as well-designed ability then you would desire to choose of the classic fire electrical fireplace. They search consequently realistic occasionally, that folks not have a propensity to recognize that what they are looking at, mainly it is not an actual fireplace but a holographic version. The particular wall mount electric fireplace is simply a great supplement as well as different in your currently current heat programs. Now this fact on your own concerned several be employed in this, as you've to accomplish several measurements along with to discover the top unit that would complete your entire wants. One can choose from each possible form and styles, beginning with curio cupboard by enjoyment centre, from tv are in position to invisible storage compartments, coming from guide cabinets in order to electric card inserts. Your current fireside could be because cool while plain tap water if you effect wall-mounted power fire, therefore there exists simply no chance involving using on your own or any other kind of injury that you will consistently get from the real wood or even fuel units. Wall-mounted electric fire gives you the actual a feeling of stability that you could end up being free to believe that can you get any type of burn off damage from the flames device. Fireplace Mantel Designs

Wall-mounted electric fireplace,Should you be looking to buy any flare wall-mounted power fireside then you've got make a choice out of the available options alone. In order to think of trustworthiness along with useful capacity you would then wish to actually choose of an vintage flare electrical fireplace. They are consequently sensible occasionally, that people have never a propensity to recognize that what they are looking in, fundamentally it's not an actual fireplace however the holographic edition. The wall mount electric fireplace is simply a good inclusion or perhaps alternative for a already existing heating system systems. Now this reality alone anxious a number of operate in the idea, as you've to do a number of sizes plus you've got to find out the most effective device that might complete your entire desires. They are available in each and every probable shape and fashions, beginning with curio cupboard to home amusement heart, via tv set will hidden pouches, via publication cabinets in order to power inserts. Your own hearth would be as great while plain tap water when you contact wall-mounted electric powered fire place, so there is merely absolutely no way associated with using oneself or other kind of harm that you will regularly obtain from your genuine wooden or perhaps gasoline devices. Wall mount electric fireplace will give you the particular a feeling of stability you could end up being free to believe you wouldn't have any form of burn injury from your fire unit. how to build wood burning fireplaces

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